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Mineral Bathing Salt

10 oz glass decanter $24.00 * 2.5 oz travel pouch $5.00 * 16 oz refill pouch $28.00 * 32 oz refill pouch $52.00

rose  * mustard + ginger * sweet dreams

Bathing Salts are a luxurious yet simple way to add valuable trace minerals to your body while you soften your skin and improve your mood with wonderful botanicals and essential oils! We blend Dead Sea Salt with its unique composition of essential minerals, epsom salt for its high level of muscle relaxing magnesium, detoxifying sea salt and nourishing coconut oil along with aromatic powdered botanicals and essential oils. The Coconut Cream uses a base of organic coconut milk to deep condition your skin while our Mustard-Ginger Bath incorporates organic mustard seed and ginger powders to warm aching muscles. Our super salts leave you re-mineralized and feeling relaxed, peaceful, joyful, energized AND oh, so soft!

Rose with ground petals and transcendent bulgarian rose and rose geranium essential oils
Coconut Cream with fragrant + moisturizing organic coconut milk... without essential oils
Mustard-Ginger deeply warms tired and sore muscles and joints while eucalyptus soothes & stimulates circulation
Lavender Dream is perfect for anytime you want to relax and induce a restful state
Himalayan Pink Salt: 100% food-grade salt - nothing added!
Dead Sea Salt: 100% pure - nothing added!

Use these salts to:

  • soothe and relax your body
  • re-mineralize your body
  • moisturize and soften your skin
  • impart a wonderful aroma to your skin
  • treat yourself well (You deserve it!)

For best results:

  • Add 1/4 cup or more of our Bathing Salts to your running bath. Soak for 15-20 minutes. Emerge from the bath a changed person and send your worries and troubles down the drain. Take extra care when leaving the bath as as the oils may make your tub a bit slippery.

Made with:

  • Dead Sea salt, real sea salt, epsom salt, wildcrafted shea butter, organic expeller-pressed coconut oil, dendritic salt, botanicals, essential oils, love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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