Refreshing Deodorants + Toothcare

elevate the ordinary. celebrate self-wellness.

Sweet Sisters offers healthy alternatives to everyday basics... tooth cleansers that super-clean and whiten your teeth naturally and safely while reducing tooth sensitivity and allowing for healthy re-mineralization, stick and roll-on deodorants that incorporate a neutralizing zinc salt, baking soda and safe, effective antibacterial essential oils and our newest product, Gum Drops to enliven, freshen anmd moisturize your mouth for better oral hygience!

Ours are a bit different from what you might be used to, but we encourage you to try something new... and we think, even BETTER!

Teeth Brushing
Detox Mineral Toothpaste

Gum Drops (aka kissing drops)

Dazzle Tooth Whitener


Lemon Myrtle Zinc Roll-On Deodorant

Coconut + Baking Soda Healthy Deodorant Stick

Copper Tongue Cleaner

Zeolite Powder  
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