Common Questions

Here are some common Q & As about our products and policies. If your questions are not addressed, please contact us HERE and we'll be happy to try to answer them.

Do you offer samples?

You will often find happy little "surprises" with your order. We will choose depending upon availability. If you would like to purchase a sample size of particular product(s), please email us and we'll be happy to help. The price for these is generally between $1.0 and $3.50.

Do you offer wholesale products?

We currently offer wholesale to select salons and retail boutiques as well as our Amenity Line to B&Bs and Inns. Check HERE for more information.

Why do you use preservatives in some of your products?

Dry, powdered, butter-type and glycerin or honey preparations made WITHOUT water do not need a preservative if they are kept pure, ie. no water is introduced and clean hands or a reserved spatula is used to remove product. All true soap products, bars and liquids, also do not need a preservative as there pH is high enough to be naturally preserving. However, ALL products made with water, juice, hydrosols, aloe vera and infusions REQUIRE a preservative for safety. Water is the basis of all life and any preparation containing any of its forms will naturally begin to grow life within itself and be unusable within a several days. Even products kept in the refrigerator will spoil within a short time. (Think forgotten leftovers in the fridge!) Unfortunately, we cannot always tell if a product is teeming with bacteria and fungi simply be looking at it. It is very important that ALL water-based preparations contain a preservative beyond grapefruit seed extract or antioxidant vitamins. We use a few different preservatives depending on the specific product requirements: an ECOcert preservative called Geogard Ultra, a type of Optiphen approved for use in the EU as well as the rest of the worls, Cosmocil and potassium sorbate for many of our liquid-type products. We lengthen the shelf life and reduce the chance of rancidity of our oil-based products by adding rosemary oleorsin (extract) and mixed tocopherols (vitamin E). All of our ingredients are listed on the individual product pages.

Are your products vegan and do you test on animals?


We maintain a vegetarian, but not necessarily a vegan philosphy in that we do not use ingredients sourced from the killing of animals, fish or insects, but sometimes use humanely obtained animal ingredients such as purified wool oil (lanolin), local honey, propolis and beeswax in some of our products. We do offer many 100% vegan products and we DON'T test on animals or source ingredients which continue to be tested.

Do your moisturizers and creams contain an SPF?


Many of the oils, butters and skin conditioners used in our creams contain naturally occuring sun protective factors. Because sunscreens are considered a DRUG and not a cosmetic, we are not legally able to sell them as "sunscreen."(even ones with benign zinc oxide--go figure!) We hope to be able to carry a zinc facial day cream as well as a zinc body lotion in the near future. In the meantime, we are happy to offer recommendations for the safest, chemical free sunscreens available.

Why do you use alpha and beta hydroxy acids in a few of your products?


When we are young, our skin cells regenerate quickly and easily, usually about once a week. As we age, the rate of skin cell renewal slows to about every three weeks through our teens and 20s, and continues to slow as we age and due to sun damage and hormonal factors. For those with oil-rich and congested skin, research shows that the outer layer of skin and pore lining is much thicker than those with balanced skin. Exfoliation (on the surface with AHAs and within the follicle with BHAs) works to support your skin's natural and regular shedding which makes a wonderful difference in the way your skin looks and feels. The BHAs work to clear the follicles of cellular debris to clarify your skin. Exfoliation removes the dead surface cells and DOES NOT interfere with the formation of new cells in the lower layers of the skin. You will not damage new skin cells by using topical exfoliants, whether they be mechanical (scrubs) or chemical AHAs and BHAs. Regular exfoliation prevents the thickening that contributes to dull, wrinkled and congested skin. For those with sensitivities to chemical exfoliation, we offer facial scrubs with microfine, smooth and sugar-based exfoliators.

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