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All-Purpose Olive Coconut Home Soap

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Our organic olive and coconut liquid castile soap is so versatile it is the perfect all-in-one cleaner. Liquid soap is one of the most used product in our homes and our soap is super concentrated so a little goes a long way! We use it to wash vegetables, hands, bodies, babies, pets, dishes and laundry and more. It even rinses pesticide residues off your fruits and vegetables and it does all this safely and effectively. Dilute for light cleaning and use a higher concentration for tougher jobs. When you realize that about 40-60% of what goes on our skin enters our bloodstream, it makes sense to use a natural and safe product.  Natural does not necessarily mean more expensive though because our soap replaces a myriad of commercial products. We use organic olive and coconut oils for effective cleaning that is also mild. This soap will effectively clean your hair, skin, laundry, dishes, floor, bathrooms and more! It makes a great spot remover for soiled clothing and is completely biodegradable. You can even use it in your automatic diswasher and to wash your pets. We've chosen peppermint for its tingly fresh feeling, citrus for its sunny clean scent and left one unscented if you are sensitive to scent or wish to add your own essential oils. You'll find that using pure essential oils is a non-toxic way to clean your home while lifting your spirits!

Use this soap to:

  • clean your home, dishes, laundry and much more
  • clean your fruits and vegetables
  • clean natural fiber clothing and other hand washables
  • clean while camping
  • wash hands by the sink
  • Wash baby's diapers--no rash (use Unscented type)
  • effectively and gently clean your body and hair

For best results:

  • General use: Use a light dilution to clean your hands and body. For general household use, dilute for light cleaning in spray bottle or mop bucket and use full strength for heavy duty grease cutting jobs.
  • Fruit & Veggie Wash: A few drops in warm water rinses off dirt and most pesticide sprays.
  • Bubble Bath: pour one capful into running water.
  • Castile Cleaner:
    4 cups hot water
    2 tsp washing soda
    1/4 cup borax
    2 Tbsp liquid castile soap
    1 tsp essential oil or blend
    Mix and pour into a spray bottle

Made with:

  • Saponified oils of organic extra virgin fair trade olive and organic expeller-pressed coconut, citric acid, essential oils, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.



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