Natural, Ecologically Minded and Cruelty Free Ingredients

At Sweet Sisters,we are committed to using natural, wildcrafted, organic, naturally sourced, minimally processed and body-compatible ingredients that are safe for our bodies AND our planet, to create highly effective products that are only "tested" on willing family and friends. The packaging we use has been carefully considered for it's safety and environmental impact. Each bottle, tube and jar is inspired, fomulated, hand blended and filled in our Whidbey Island studio.


Why Natural Handcrafted Products?

Research has shown that up to 60% of skincare products applied topically are absorbed by the skin. If you think about the way medicine patches work, it is easy to see that skin is an organ of both elimination and absorption. (Our skin is our largest organ and often referred to as our "second kidney" for good reason!) After application to the skin, ingredients make their way into the bloodstream and tissues which makes it all the more important that products be safe and nontoxic. Happily, more and more people are wanting to incorporate natural and safe body, bath and home and pet care products into their lives. And the even better news is the more people vote with their dollars by purchasing natural products, the more these products will become the norm! Our entire Sweet Sisters line is free of parabens, petrolatum derivatives, dyes, phthalates and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates. In addition, Sweet Sisters sources Fair Trade, ethically wildcrafted, pesticide-free homegrown and organic ingredients whenever possible. The products we handcraft are of the highest quality with your health, vitality and sense of well being as our highest priority. There is a universe of difference between a cream made by thoughtful, caring hands with quality ingredients and one that is mass produced with profit as the goal. All of our artisan creations are hand stirred, hand poured and hand packaged to give you beautiful and functional products that you will love to use everyday. Our attention to detail assures that all Sweet Sisters products meet our stringent standards. We are able to offer our products at fair prices because we spend our resources on the ingredients within the bottles rather than on expensive advertising, superfluous packaging and machine production. We strive to make artful creations that are simple, beautiful, functional, energetic and effective. We think you will notice the positive difference!

Our Senses Are an Important Part of Who We Are

In addition to the ingredients absorbed through the skin, we also absorb what we inhale or smell. Our sense of smell gives us pleasure as well as acts as an alarm system, telling us to avoid situations and substances that are dangerous to us. If we listen closely to what our bodies tell us, we will be able to appreciate the scents that truly serve our health. It is important that the scents we use are composed of the "deep" or "true" ones that contain real plant essences. True scents reach deeply into the limbic regions of our minds and connect with our feelings and emotions. There they stimulate our whole body to resonate with recognition, triggering memories as well as reducing stress, heightening joy and opening our hearts. These experiences go beyond merely smelling with our noses--they encompass a common language that reaches deep into our beings. Some people notice after experiencing a scent that they 'feel' it in a particular place in their body or recall a particular situation or emotion. True scents have a real influence and supportive role in our lives, affecting us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They also offer us pleasure and add a delicious and sensual quality to the products we use. Sweet Sisters offers "true scents" from nature, from potent essential oils to ground powders and fresh infusions. Since it is important to us that our products have a theraputic value as well as an aromatic one, we are careful about the way in which our sourced aromas are grown, harvested and distilled.

What about the Safety of our Containers and Packaging?

Sweet Sisters packages its products into glass, true plant-based cellulose, food grade paper or PET containers. These containers are entirely safe. People are becoming increasingly concerned about Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates. BPA is a building block for polycarbonate (PC), a rigid clear plastic commonly used for baby bottles, reusable water bottles and other applications. It is NOT found in polyethylene terepthalate (PET), commonly used for single-use water and soda bottles among other bottles. We do not use any bottles made from polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polystyrene (PS), which have all been identified as having the potential for leaching BPA into the products they hold. Compounding the problem, incomplete coverage by the media has caused a great deal of confusion among consumers. For example, recent reports have identified "water bottles" as a pirmary source of BPA, and video footage accompanying the reports has shown single-use PET bottles instead of multi-use water bottles that retailers such as Wal-Mart in Canada have pulled from the shelves. Fears about the safety of plastics are raised frequently, but PET, the only plastic Sweet Sisters Bodycare uses, have consistently been proven safe to use in rigid packaging applications.

Fair Trade, Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing & Giving Back to the Community

Sweet Sisters takes pride in buying Fair Trade raw materials such as wildcrafted shea butter from a woman's cooperative in Ghana, organic olive oil from a peace-promoting organization in Palestine, raw material for our botanical extracts and infusions from organic farmers and wildcrafting herbalists and fragrant beeswax and honey for our lip balms, skincare and salves from a wonderful local beekeeper. Since its beginning, Sweet Sisters has contributed to various charitable and community organizations and community fundraisers. It is a pleasure to be able to serve in this way. We are also hoping to participate in the Clean the World relief program.

Green Packaging

We have always felt an intimate connection to our natural world and take seriously our responsibility to preserve it. To that end, Sweet Sisters uses recyclable glass and plastic to package our products and we encourage our clients to recycle. We are happy to offer a refill program for our local clients. Please contact us HERE for more information about this program. In an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated, Sweet Sisters reuses the shipping boxes and clean packaging material that we receive from our suppliers and encourage you to do the same. We also buy post-consumer use, recycled and reusable paper products, ribbon and other materials for our gift packaging.

NO Animal Testing

The ingredients used in our products have a long history of safety and are approved all over the world, even in countries with very stringent policies. Sweet Sisters has never and will never test on animals.  Instead, we let our willing family and friends try our products. (They love it, by the way!) In addition, we only purchase raw materials from companies that adhere to the same standard. Sweet Sisters signed the standard with the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics and the statement of assurance with PETA’s Caring Consumer program. We make sure that the few animal ingredients we do use, such as honey, beeswax, lanolin and silk, are responsibly sourced.

Ingredients We Avoid & Why

When writing about the ingredients we choose for our products, it is important to mention the ingredients we avoid and why. A person may use many daily products that contain a particular toxic ingredient which then raises the level of that substance beyond "acceptable" levels. Cumulative exposure is the real danger. Follow THIS LINK for more information about the ingredients we avoid with the hope that we all can be informed consumers and make our personal care product choices with our health in mind.

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