Vibrant Lips & Mineral Color

beauty is more than skin deep... it radiates from your care and self-love

Sweet Sisters lip care uses emollient plant oils, natural waxes and pure essential oils for nourishing care of your lips. For our colored lipsticks, we use mineral pigments, mica and botanicals for their beautiful natural colors that so easily complement most complexions. We even use pure beet powder in our mildly exfoliating Beetiful balm!

The skin on our lips is much thinner and does not produce a natural oil like the rest of our body and so it benefits from extra care. We don't often think about it, but most of what we put on our lips is eventually ingested. That's why our lip balms, mineral sheers and treatments are truly good enough to eat! We avoid the use of any "questionable" ingredients and give you what you want - long lasting, easily applied, beautiful color that you can feel good about wearing! Check out our NEW Firming Lip TX with plant-sourced peptides for fuller, smoother lips!

      mineral lipstick
Mineral Sheer Lipstick

Beetiful Lip Balm Stick






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