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MSM + Arnica Herbal Cream

2 oz $18.00

Find nurturing care with our herbal blend of 12% MSM, arnica, boswellia, capsacin, willow bark, helichrysum + other calming herbs that have been traditionally used for muscle, joint + fascial tissue support. Customers have reported that this cream is very helpful for RLS (restless leg syndrome). MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is composed of bioavailalbe sulfur and is recongnized as the richest source of organic sulfur available. Sulfur is the fourth most abundant mineral in all living things and is vital to the creation and regeneration of tissue. MSM is found in, and used by, every cell in the human body. Our MSM cream is specially designed to deliver MSM, along with other nutrients, directly to your skin. MSM + Arnica Herbal Cream will also help your skin become softer and more resilient.

Use this cream:

  • for muscle, joint + fascia support
  • for the absorption of MSM + healthy tissue repair
  • to lessen the symptoms of RLS

For best results:

  • Apply as often as needed. Avoid use of irritated or abraded skin.

Made with:

  • Contains distilled water, 12% MSM, arnica infused organic olive oil, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, organic olive oil infusion of organic arnica, organic helichrysum, wildcrafted horsetail, white willow bark, organic calendula, chaparal, organic comfrey leaf, organic tumeric, boswelia, organic ginger root + organic lemonbalm, glycerin, emulsifying wax, wildcrafted shea butter, organic cocoa butter, olive esters, organic cayenne infused organic olive oil, allantoin, rosemary extract, paraben free ECOcert preservative blend of glucolactone + sodium benzoate, essential oils of fir needle, lavender, black pepper, frankincense & myrrh.


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