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Rooibos + Green Tea Zinc Lotion for face + body

4.5 oz $30.00

Finally... a zinc lotion that's not thick and sticky like a baby's diaper cream and can be used on your body as well as your face! We make this cream for those who know the benefits of micronized zinc oxide to help reflect broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun rays. We use 12% non-nano-sized zinc along with naturally protective rooibos, green tea, carrot seed + rosehip seed oils. This safe and natural cream keeps your skin soft, soothed and conditioned without a greasy feel. Perfect for all skin types, this face and body cream is light, silky, and only momentarily "whitening." It is also rich in natural sun protective factors like red rooibos, green tea, carrot seed, red rasberry seed, organic sunflower, apricot kernel, and virgin olive, as well as antioxidants, humectants, and anti-inflammatory agents. It not only protects your skin from too much sun, but it's a lovely moisturizer, too.

At Sweet Sisters, we think getting our daily dose of pure sunshine, along with the natural vitamin D it promotes, is a tenet of great health. Even so, it's wise to wear a hat and treat your skin often with plant oils that contain natural sun protective factors like our Body Oils and Shea Butter Creams when you spend time in the sun.

Sometimes, though, we need something more protective and that's how our Zinc Lotion was created. Zinc oxide helps to reflect some of the sun's rays rather than absorbing them like chemical sunscreens and is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in addition to being helpful to various skin conditions. Our pure plant oil base feels wonderfully smooth and provides natural water resistance to boot! Plus the natural sweet scents of vanilla and cocoa mingling with the intoxicating freshness of valencia orange just makes you feel good!

Please note that this cream is NOT SPF rated. Sunscreens are considered a drug by the FDA and we want to be clear that we are not making any drug claims. Please use common "sun sense" with your unique skin; apply generously and often.

Use this cream:

  • as a skin protectant + skin conditioner

For best results:

  • Apply to exposed skin + reapply often, at least every two hours and more frequently after swimming and sweating and in high UV areas and humidity. If your skin is very sensitive to the sun, it is best to use a SPF-rated sunscreen.

Made with:

  • Organic rooibos + green tea gratitude infusion, 12% micronized (not nano particle) zinc oxide, organic sunflower oil, organic olive oil, organic apricot kernel oil, propandiol (ECOcert ester), fractionated coconut oil, vitamin B5 panthenol, coconut alkanes, allantoin (comfrey), olive esters, organic jojoba oil, carrot seed + red raspberry seed oils, glucolactone + sodium benzoate (ECOcert preservative), mixed tocopherols (non GMO vitamin E), essential oils, love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.


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