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Artisan Parfum

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Earth Essence * One * Espiritu * Masala * Sacred Earth * Palo Santo * Roam

Blossom * Heart Rose * Suhana

Alluring and captivating, these highly concentrated botanical parfums contain over 30% aromatic material, for a pure plant experience. One and Suhana are blended in organic grape alcohol while Earth Essence, Espiritu and Heart Rose are infused in organic jojoba oil. There are benefits to both compositions... the former being light in feel, complex and ethereal while the latter have predominant base notes, stay close to the body and linger longer.

Earth Essence our popular Earth Essence scented lotion, bodywash and foamer soap in an intimate perfume. Our blend of vetiver, vanilla, ylang ylang and sweet orange grounds, centers and uplifts the spirit and senses. (This scent is a favorite of yogis and yoginis!)

One ...wonder-full for both men + women, this erotic and seductive parfum seems to be a chameleon of sorts, changing with the gender of the wearer to create a unique personality inviting to all. It is bright and fresh, yet smooth and sensuous.

Espiritu ... with prominant notes of frankincense and myrrh, this aroma evokes a sense of the sacred. It is dense + meditative, and useful for opening the third eye and grounding the senses.

Masala...a warming blend of cardamom + spices that wraps you in its beautiful and comforting embrace that offers the security of home and the adventures of the exotic.

Sacred Earth... a blend of three of the most revered trees--sandalwood, cedar and frankincense to arouse a sense of the sacred, and to clear and center the mind and emotions. A small amount of jasmine and ylang ylang raises the energy so that it inspires as well as calms.

Palo Santo... a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to frankincense, myrrh and copal.  In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood” and is known to support the nervous and immune systems as well as enhance the meditative and creative mind. Warmly relaxing and subtley alluring, palo santo melds beautifully with the freshness of begamot, the heart of pink lotus + the depth of labdamum, copaiba balsam, jasmine and tobacco for a truly beautiful annointing.

Blossom... gorgeously fragrant gardenia, bulgarian rose + indian jasmine meld beautifully with the depth of mysore sandalwood + sweet cacao for a transcendent floral experience.

Heart Rose ...feminine rose with grounding notes of amber + sandalwood, this oil allows for heart opening and an expanding sense of love.

Suhana ...sensuous and inviting, warm and captivating, this bewitching vanilla-infused blend beckons with clean and powdery nuances.

Roam (previously "Gypsy" before I learned from a thoughtful customer about the negative connotations of that word) ....this one has a beautiful aura with fresh + spicy botanicals in a bohemian blend of palo santo, black pepper, ginger, citrus + a subtle hint of green geranium.


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