Our Philosophy and Mission

In an age where “Luxury” skincare is mass produced in factories and sold in the cold aisles of supermarkets, big box stores, "high end" department and boutique stores, where more money is spent on the packaging and marketing than the ingredients within the bottle and where advertisers invent pseudo-science words to appeal to your most insecure self, where self-care makes us feel self-ish... We promise you something different.
This isn’t about cleaning up dirt, fighting the aging battle or softening rough spots. This is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. This is a celebration of our individual beauty... a re-claiming of our connection to ourselves and making "time for ourselves" a priority on our "to-do" list.

be LUMINOUS, vibrant, glowing, healthy, alive, at home in your own skin!

Our Commitment to Ourselves and to You:

To delight and inspire you with beautiful, thoughtful, gentle and effective preparations
To create healthy relationships among our customers, our business partners and those who work with us
To ensure the highest quality and integrity in all our products, educational literature and programs
To honor our responsibility as earth stewards and continue to improve our practices to protect our ecology
To utilize alternatives to animal testing (happy human volunteers) and require that our suppliers do the same
To give back to our community through charitable organizations and our support of Fair Trade
To continue to be open to new ideas and to incorporate our understanding into all that we do
To hold as our highest intention your health and well being!



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