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Clear As Day Clarifying Serum

1 oz $30.00 * 2.2 oz $50.00

Our new and improved clarifying serum offers natural support for congested and blemished skin. This lightweight, organic infusion-based serum supports your skin in balancing sebum levels, eliminating the bacteria that disturbs the healthy balance within your skin's follicles and calming inflamed skin tissue. Our formula includes effective levels of MSM, an organic sulphur necessary for healthy collagen production and a clear complexion, vitamin B3 niacinamide , shown to improve congestion and enhance the activity of other nutrients in the formula, panthenol pro-vitamin B5, with anti-inflammatory properties and known to promote healthy, clear skin, salicylic acid, proven to clear the follicles of excess sebum and cellular debris and our newest addition, argania spinosa kernel, a polyphenol and lignan-rich extract that supports sebum balance and smoth, clear skin. We also add a combination of antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herbs and essential oils in this powerfully effective serum. Manuka essential oil has been shown to be more effective than tea tree oil in eliminating the bacteria that contibutes to congestion and breakouts. This non-drying, calming and antibacterial serum can be used daily or as needed for skin clarity - a little goes a long way. This serum pairs well with Clear as Day Wash or Scrub, Hydroxy Re-Surfacing Lotion and Clear as Day Face &Body Balancing Oil.

Use this serum to:

  • eliminate the bacteria that contributes to skin congestion
  • balance sebum levels
  • provide antioxidant protection
  • calm inflammation

For best results:

  • After cleansing and toning, rub a few drops of serum between fingertips and press onto congested areas to prevent congestion from recurring.  A few drops of serum may also be used in your facial moisturizer and in a facial steam bath to open and treat congested follicles.

Made with:

  • organic distilled water infusion of yellowdock, dandelion, burdock root, echinacia root, red clover, licorice root, kelp, ginger, chaparrel leaf, neem, tulsi and turmeric, cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate (oiive oil-based emulsifier), olive leaf extract, MSM, fractionated coconut oil, green tea extract, vitamin B3 niacinamide, vitamin B5 panthenol, salicylic acid, argania spinosa kernel extract, kosher vegetable glycerin, paraben free preservative blend of glucolactone and sodium benzoate, allantoin (comfrey), essential oils of geranium, lemon myrtle, manuka, sea buckthorn, rosehip seed CO2, calendula CO2, love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.
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