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Fruit Enzyme Brightening Mist

now with MSM, vitamin B5 and niacinamide! 2 oz $15.00   4 oz $28.00

Toning is an important step to follow cleansing in your skin care program. Healthy skin depends on a naturally low surface pH of around 5.5, known as the acid mantle. This alcohol-free, hydrating facial toner made with organic fruit extracts and natural acids gently exfoliates your skin while helping to restore its natural acid mantle and complete the cleansing process, leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalized. This plant-based formula supplements your skin's natural exfoliation process by gently loosening and sloughing away the outer layer of dead skin cells, revealing the newer, plumper, smoother cells underneath. This rejuvenates the skin by improving circulation and stimulating new cell growth, resulting in a fresher, brighter complexion and reduced pore size. Use of a sunscreen or wearing protective clothing is recommended whenever using a product containing alpha hydroxy acids. This toner is suitable for all but very sensitive skin types.

Use this toner to:

  • slough away the outer layer of dead skin cells
  • improve circulation
  • stimulate new cell growth
  • reduce pore size
  • reveal brighter, smoother & fresher skin

For best results:

  • Spray toner directly onto freshly cleansed skin with eyes closed or onto cotton wool and wipe over skin. Follow with serum and/or moisturizer. You may also use this toner as the activating liquid for The Ultimate Facial Polish and Kaolin Custom Mask.

Made with:

  • organic aloe vera juice, extracts of organic bilberry, organic sugar cane, organic sugar maple, organic orange, organic lemon, organic cranberry, neroli hydrosol, irish moss and tamarind seed extracts, MSM, malic acid, tartaric acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, kosher vegetable glycerin, vitamin B5 panthenol, niacinamide, glucolactone & sodium benzoate (ECOcert approved paraben free preservative), willow bark extract, polysorbate, clementine essential oil and the highest intentions for your health & well being.


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