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Orange Blossom (aka neroli) Balancing Mist

2 oz $15.00 4 oz $28.00

Neroli Balancing Mist contains pure orange blossom distillate which is known for its ability to smooth and hydrate the skin, reduce the appearance of fragile or broken capillaries, minimize enlarged pores, energize dry mature skin, help regulate excess sebum (oiliness) and balance sensitive and combination skin. It simultaneously refreshes and calms the mind, offering a lovely sense of well being. This delightful mist provides instant aromatheraputic benefits and is perfect for use on the skin, hair and body, to set mineral makeup, soothe irritation, boost dehydrated areas and regulate sebum production.

Use this mist to:

  • hydrate the skin
  • support capillary strength
  • minimize enlarged pores
  • regulate sebum levels
  • give a sense of awake calm

For best results:

  • After cleansing, spray mist onto cottonwool and wipe face of cleaser and tap water residue or spray directly onto skin. Use to set mineral makeup and mist your skin anytime throughout the day to freshen, hydrate and enjoy the aromatheraputic benefits.

Made with:

  • pure neroli orange flower hydrosol and the highest intentions for your health & well being.


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