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detox clay bath

Our 12 Day Detox detoxifying baths assist in the removal of heavy metals, pesticides, environmental pollutants, radiation + other toxins from the tissues of the body through your skin... soothes muscles + joints, too!


Our newest face AND body oil LUMINOUS is my favorite...decadent, uber luxe face + body oil
with smoothing butters, antioxidant-rich seed oils + the luscious aroma of organic cocoa, vanilla, toasted coconut + jasmine!


CALENDULA SILK is our newest face cream for all skin types... silky, light-textured and emollient + potent with calendula CO2, beta glucan, hyaluronic acid + olive leaf! (The color is lovely, too, with creamy yellow-orange of calendula + sea buckthorn:)


Calm Aromatherapy roll-on is perfect for the stressfull (good, fun + difficult stress) holiday times. It supportys non-sleepy relaxation and a beautiful sense of peaceful calm.

$22.00 5 ml glass roll-on

Try our Magnesium Butter for an easily assimilated way to get this essential nutrient! 2 oz $16.00 | 4 oz $28.00

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