15 ways to beautify with jojoba oil!

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Jojoba Oil is probably my favorite skincare ingredient ever! It’s incredible versatility definitely makes it my “desert island” pick. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your jojoba oil.

Cuticle Oil – rub a drop on your hands and cuticles at least once per day. Option: Add a drop of manuka, lemon myrtle or tea tree essential oil to your jojoba for a quick, all-natural anti-fungal nail treatment.
Body Lotion – easy enough… just remember that a little goes a long way. You won’t need the dollop size you normally use with a lotion. Jojoba sinks in super quickly and spreads across your skin easily.
Face Moisturizer – 1 to 2 drops is perfect for your face. And… it’s PERFECT to apply under mineral makeup. You’ll look radiant and your minerals will perform so much better!
Lip Oil – it’s light, natural and absorbs quickly removing all traces of flakes and the anti-oxidants will help keep them protected. Create your own unique lip oil in a small glass jar: add a few drops of your favorite oil-based organic flavoring, like amaretto or vanilla (check out organic flavoring oil for chocolate at your specialty grocers) or pure essential oils such as as spearmint or lime. (Remember though that citrus oils can cause sun sensitivity, so use only distilled types, not cold-pressed.)
Tame Flyaways – When you finish rubbing the jojoba into your nails and cuticles, rub your palms across the top of your hair to tame hair frizz!
Makeup Remover – apply a bit onto a reusable cotton pad and use to quickly and gently remove your eye makeup. As a bonus, the jojoba conditions eye lashes!

Scalp Massage – or scalp treatment. Rub the oil into your scalp before bedtime and wash out in the morning.
Quick Hot Oil Hair Treatment – Rub about 1 teaspoon of warmed oil through your hair when you first get into the shower. Let it sit while you shower. Rinse at the end of your shower, shampoo and condition as usual.
Deep Hot Oil Treatment – Rub 1 tsp to 1 tablespoon of jojoba through your hair. Cover your head with a plastic shower cap. Let sit for 1-2 hours. Shampoo out and condition normally.
Carrier Oil – White jojoba oil has anti-oxidant properties on its own; but it can also be applied on top your other skin care treatments to ‘carry’ their active ingredients deep into your pores and skin.
Split End Treatment – Add a drop or two of oil on ends of your hair as a split end treatment. Apply before blow drying or heat styling for protection.
Added Moisture – Need more moisture during the winter or in a dry climate? Mix a few drops of jojoba to your normal body or face lotion.
Quick Hair Condition – Add 2-3 drops to your normal dose of hair conditioner. Mix in the palm of your hand, apply, and leave in while your shower. Rinse and you’ll have moisturized, shiny hair!
Before Swimming – Run 3-4 drops through your hair before diving in the pool or ocean. The oil will help close your hair cuticle and prevent harmful chemicals from stripping your color, and drying your locks.



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