the sweet sisters holiday gift guide

Happy holidays, Sweet Ones!

We’re looking forward to a joyful holiday season of sharing what we love with the people we love. This year, we’ve crafted our first ever holiday gift guide to inspire thoughtful, heart-centered gifting!

To help you find the perfect gift for anybody on your list — bodycare aficionado to newcomer, host/ess to work colleague to visitor, child to teen, anybody — here are eight thoughtful and brief guides, curated by the Sweet Sisters Team. PLUS! In the spirit of heart-centered gifting, each order your place this holiday season will be accompanied by a thoughtful, extra gift from us.

If your plan to ship Sweet Sisters orders this season, bear in mind that USPS recommends shipping Christmas gifts on or before December 15th. We also need time to prepare your package so be sure to place your early!

If you’ll be shopping and picking up locally, don’t forget that we’ll be at the Bayview Holiday Market on December 4th + 5th and will also be hosting studio visits throughout the holiday season (book on Calendly)!

Find the perfect gift…

For a Bodycare Aficionado

For those with highly curated medicine cabinets, shower shelves, and nightstands, bodycare is a whole love language. Here are some hidden gems they’ll thank you for finding!

Idea 1: Oils are a blessing for face, body and hair. This season we’re offering three specialty flights, packaged in apothecary-style corked vials sealed with beeswax (if you want to skip the beeswax, leave us a note at checkout). For nourished, shining hair and a healthy scalp, gift the Flight of Nourishing Hair Oils. For delightfully scented, well-moisturized body, gift the Flight of Nourishing Body Oils. For a happy face throughout changing seasons, gift the Flight of Facial Oils.

Idea 2: With moisturizing coconut and honey, anti inflammatory MSM, and all-around skin hero niacinamide , the Coconut + Honey Moisture Mask is the sweetest gift for any skin type.

Idea 3: With the new year around the corner, gift the fresh start that comes with a new signature scent. A Flight of Perfume Samples can help anyone find a favorite lets its recipient to try each scent within our range. The ‘Flight + Favorite’ options arrive with a Sweet Sisters gift card which they can redeem for a full-size perfume (0.25oz or 0.5oz) once they’ve found the scent that resonates most!

Idea 4: Our Spa Day Set combines the convenience and comfort of staying in, with the lusciousness of full-body, spa-style care. No appointment necessary!

For a Teenager

How many of us wish we’d discovered clean, functional skincare a tad sooner in life? These singles and sets are bound to become their gold standard for happy, healthy skin.

Idea 1: If they’re struggling with stressed skin, a spot treatment is a great place to start. Resolve Clarifying Treatment Oil can be applied directly to blemishes where clarifying Serenoa extract works to unclog follicles and reduce inflammation.

Idea 2: If they’re ready to build a regimen, our Starter Face Ritual is designed to help them discover what they like! They’ll try five products, each geared toward their particular skincare needs.

Idea 3: Ingredients like “hyaluronic acid” are “niacinamide” used to be esoteric language but Gen Z is clued in! Both ingredients are skincare heroes, famous for their hydrating and skin barrier supporting abilities, respectively. Body Bliss includes both + other moisturizing ingredients to support well nourished, velvety smooth skin!

For Holiday Gatherings

It’s often the hosts and hostesses who imbue the holiday season with that memorable warmth and sparkle. Say ‘thank you’ with a gift that fills their cup.

Idea 1: Replenish their essentials! The Perfect Host/ess Gift lets you choose a shea lotion and hand soap scent that reminds you of them.

Idea 2: When their guests have left, a host/ess deserves to become a bath god/dess. Our Bath Goddess Set is a beautiful reminder to balance tending to community with tending to the self! You’ll choose a bottle of Mineral Bathing Salts, a box of Bath Truffles, a Sugar + Salt Body Polish, and a Body Oil aroma.

For a Traveler

The rhythm of our bodycare rituals can help ground us in embodiment, even as we roam. These travel-wise gifts are perfect anyone visiting from out of town, or ready to head out on their next adventure!

Idea 1: Light, aromatic, and easily packable, the Bath Truffles Box Set is a perfect travel companion. These truffles are uber-moisturizing and they’ll leave recipient’s packed belongings smelling divine, too!

Idea 2: While standard-sized liquid and gel-based products can be stowed safely in checked baggage, dry goods — like our powder-based Radiance Charcoal Mask and Detox Clay Mask — can be packed in their snug carry-on!

For Little Ones

We’ve got mineral-based sparkles that make playing dress-up even more enchanting and bath bubbles that make bath time playful, too!

Idea 1: This plastic-free, talc-free, mineral-based Fairy Dust will leave face and/or body shimmering like snow. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s dress-up box. Sprinkle this delightfully sparkly, vanilla scented powder for a little extra magic!

Idea 2: Bestow a sense of evening calm with Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath or warm the body and soul with festive Chai Vanilla Bubble Bath.

Idea 3: With the Calm Aromatherapy Roll-On, they can carry calm wherever they go. It can be applied to palms, the soles of feet, and even car seats in moments that call for a deep breath and a sigh of relief.

For a Colleague

Nothing says “take care”, “be well,” or “thank you for supporting me through a global pandemic” quite like gifts to help care for the body. Cleansing is still the theme of the times and such practical products never smelled (or felt) so good!

Idea 1: The Be Well Bundle is a toast to their wellbeing! Be Well Spray cleanses the hands, The Balm keeps dry spots moisturized, and Calm Roll-On soothes the senses.

Idea 2: Build your own flight of bar soaps! A Flight of Bar Soaps is a gift they’ll enjoy well into the new year. Bar options include Charcoal Detox, Coffee Mint Scrub, Lavender + Black Pepper, Lemongrass + Coconut, Pink Earth, Star Anise + Peppermint… good luck choosing 3!

Idea 3: After a summer of adventures in the sun, body polish helps exfoliate the body and boost circulation for smoother, softer winter skin. While Cocoa, Coffee + Mint Body Polish smells like winter festivities, Mango + Papaya Body Polish will transport them to brighter latitudes.

For a Bodycare Newcomer

Multipurpose products are a great starting point for anyone who is unsure (or skeptical!) of just how much healthy bodycare can do to support the body, mind, and spirit!

Idea 1: All-Over Wash simplifies hair and bodycare by working as a shampoo, body wash, and gentle hand wash, too. Plus, we’ve got aromas for everybody!

Idea 2: Beauty Balm is ever so useful. It serves as a cleansing balm, an all-over moisturizer, a beard oil, and more!

For Anybody Else!

A gift certificate + gift wrapping is our happy solution to indecision or last-minute gifting! Select an amount and we’ll send them a special email or a hand-written note with their coupon code.

We’ve also prepared some seasonal goodies…

Our favorite seasonal scents, Fraser Fir and Holiday Cheer, are returning again this year! Plus, Blood Orange + Citrus has joined the range as our newest seasonal scent!

Fraser Fir invites you to breathe in the fresh, crisp aroma of fraser and balsam’ fir trees. The Fraser Fir scent is available as a gel soap, shea lotion, and aroma mist.

Holiday Cheer includes the festive aromas of pine needles, cinnamon sticks, holly berries, and the light sweetness of holiday cookies. The Holiday Cheer scent is available as an aroma mist.

Blood Orange + Citrus — formulated with uplifting blood orange essential oils and wintery, antioxidant-rich rosehip oils — is available as a seasonal bar soap!

Thank you for browsing our gift guide!

We hope you’ve found just what you’re looking for. If you have any lingering questions or need a recommendation, we’re more than happy to help. You can connect with us through the website, email us at, or message us on Instagram @sweetsistersbodycare.

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