a loving bath ritual

When I first heard this song, “Bathe in these Waters” by Donna De Lory, it touched me so deeply. It speaks so beautifully to how we bring our past negative conditioning into our precious present moment, and how each moment offers us the opportunity to “wash it away.” I have used the simple act of bathing with this song to transform an ordinary experience into a loving self-care ritual.

“You’re wearing the past on our face… you will change; nothing stays the same. You will find your way… just bathe in these waters… and wash it away.”

The ritual of bathing calls from a deep part of ourselves. It’s so much more than a matter of keeping ourselves clean… it possesses the potential of alchemy, of changing what is dark and “ugly” into something precious and beautiful. The water, itself, is an alchemical agent and the world’s greatest solvent… and not just for dirt and oil, but resentment, regret, disgust, anger, pain and suffering.

Here’s a bathing ritual I practice when I’m troubled, afraid, or in pain…

As I fill the bath water, I set out a fresh towel and bath mat, light some candles, pour some lovely bath salts, a bath truffle, or scented body oil into the water, and dim or turn off the lights. As I step into the water, I ask that it support me in letting go of whatever no longer serves me so that I may be able to sink more deeply into the beauty of the present moment and the essence of who I am. As I listen to this song, I let the water wash over me to release the past along with my painful attachments to it.

If this speaks to you, I hope you try it… here’s to letting it all wash away!

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