the sweet sisters holiday gift guide

Happy holidays, sweet ones! We’re looking forward to a joyful holiday season of sharing what we love with the people we love. This year, we’ve crafted our first ever holiday gift guide to inspire this thoughtful, heart-centered gifting! To help you find the perfect gift for anybody on your list — bodycare aficionado to newcomer, gathering host/ess to work colleague, child to teen — here are eight thoughtful and brief guides + seasonal editions, curated by the Sweet Sisters Team.

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wildcrafted nettles lessons learned through plants

nettle lessons

Do you ever wonder why sometimes the thing that could benefit you the most remains right in front of you, invisible, while you continue searching for a solution or answer elsewhere? My relationship with nettles…. aka ‘Urtica Dioica’, stinging nettle, “annoying weed,” has evolved into a beauty-full mentorship over the[…]dive deeper

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