A selection of Sweet Sisters products are arranged in front of a small plant and a framed line drawing.

our summer favorites

As we return to the rhythm of market season, we’re reminded of what makes our market days so special: connecting with you, exchanging self-care stories, offering thoughtful recommendations, and answering questions. A question that we receive almost every market day is, “Well, which products are your favorites?” At the market,[…]dive deeper

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the sweet sisters holiday gift guide

Happy holidays, sweet ones! We’re looking forward to a joyful holiday season of sharing what we love with the people we love. This year, we’ve crafted our first ever holiday gift guide to inspire this thoughtful, heart-centered gifting! To help you find the perfect gift for anybody on your list — bodycare aficionado to newcomer, gathering host/ess to work colleague, child to teen — here are eight thoughtful and brief guides + seasonal editions, curated by the Sweet Sisters Team.

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