cleansing + mists

renew + balance

There’s a lot of debate about how to best clean your skin… no suds vs. gentle suds, oil-based vs. oil-free, soap or no soap… and it can get pretty confusing.

I say, follow what works for you; your skin will tell you what it likes and what it doesn’t. There are benefits to many different types of cleansers, depending on what your skin needs, from gentle suds to oil-based or creams. Some of our cleansers contain exfoliants, either chemical (salicylic acid) or physical (jojoba wax and earth substances), while others are creamy and nurturing, because some days, skin can be dull and is asking for a scrub, and other days, a nurturing massage with a cream cleanser is the perfect self-care you need. (The one facial cleanser I never recommend is soap, as the pH is too high for facial skin… and no, you can’t really bring down the pH of soap based products down low enough to protect the delicate acid mantle of facial skin. I love it for its anti-bacterial properties for hand and body washing though:)

A facial mist’s main purpose is to restore your skin’s protective acid mantle (pH) while adding important nutrients and hydration. This enables your serums and moisturizers to be easily absorbed, and therefore work better. Facial mists are also a wonderful way to freshen and hydrate your skin throughout the day as well as offer their aromatherapy benefits that calm and nurture.