mother’s day gifts, crafted with love

Here comes a golden opportunity to express our gratitude for the incredible women who hold our families and pour boundless love into our world — Mother’s Day!

If you’ve been with us for a while, you might know that Sweet Sisters emerged from a collaboration between Karen and her daughters, Terra and Rohanna.

Karen’s calling to craft plant-based “potions” coupled with her girls’ entrepreneurial spirits inspired the first simple, herbal products they co-created and eventually, the offerings we share with you today.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Terra and Rohanna express their gratitude for their teacher, collaborator, and mom-extraordinaire, Karen, the guiding creative force behind Sweet Sisters Bodycare ❤️

“Thank you for teaching us, supporting us, and loving us exactly as we are.

Thank you for being a teacher of life!”

our mother’s day favorites

Whether you’re thoughtfully selecting a nourishing treat, sharing the essentials, or splurging on an at-home spa day, bodycare is a gift that gives again and again with each application or anointment. Leave your message of love and appreciation in the “Notes” section of your order and we’ll include it on a handwritten note.

Find these Mother’s Day favorites online, in the studio, or in-person at Bayview Farmers Market on Saturday, May 7th (the day before Mother’s Day)!

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If you have a question or need a recommendation, we’re more than happy to help! You can connect with us through the website, send us an email to, or message us on Instagram @sweetsistersbodycare.

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