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earth essence | forest walk | geranium + catnip | palo santo | sweet dreams

Our wonderfully aromatic mists are made with flower, herb and resins from pure essential oils. They can be used practically anywhere to scent you, your space, AND your mood!

Lightweight and portable, our mists are the perfect travel companion and are gentle enough to freshen your body and hair. It’s amazing the effect true, “deep” aromas have on our connection to natural world and sense of well being!



earth essence: a warm + grounding blend of sweet orange, vanilla, vetiver + ylang ylang… signature scent of the yoga lodge on whidbey island!

forest walk: feel the strength + wisdom of the trees…breathe in black spruce, scotch pine, white fir, vetiver, pinyon pine, oak moss, peru balsam, copaiba balsam + other treasure of the forest!

geranium + catnip: lovely scent that the ‘skeeters + ticks really don’t like… though you might make friends with a few cats!

palo santo: this beautiful oil comes from mystical tree that grows on the coast of south america.  This “holy wood” is known to support the nervous and immune systems as well as enhance the meditative and creative mind. Warmly relaxing and subtly alluring, palo santo melds beautifully with the freshness of begamot, the heart of pink lotus and jasmine and the depth of labdamum, copaiba balsam and tobacco for a truly special smokeless smudge.

sweet dreams: a calming, soothing and sleep inducing blend of bulgarian lavender, patchouli, sweet orange + jasmine… a lovely twist on a classic!

Additional information


Spray a light mist into the air or at an arm's distance when applying to skin, hair, bedding and clothing so as to not overly wet the surface. Avoid wetting fine furniture.

Add an intention so that whenever you smell that aroma, your intention is strengthened:)


Gratitude-infused distilled water, kosher vegetable glycerin, essential oils, sulfated castor oil (emulsifier), potassium sorbate (ECOcert food-grade preservative), love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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