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blossom | earth essence | espiritu | forest + sea | heart rose | masala | moss | one | palo santo | roam | sacred earth | suhana

True aromas are sourced from the earth… from the flowers, barks, resins, fruits, and grasses. We deeply connect to these aromas; they resonate and are a part of us,  bringing beauty, energy, depth and balance. Our naturally beautiful, concentrated botanical perfumes contain over 30% aromatic material, for a long-lasting pure plant experience.

Blossom, roam, one, and suhana are blended in organic grape alcohol while earth essence, espiritu, forest + sea, heart rose, masala, palo santo, and sacred earth are infused in organic jojoba oil. There are positives to each composition… the alcohol-based blends are light in feel, complex and ethereal while the oil-based ones are deeper with predominant base notes, stay closer to the body and linger a bit longer.

We now are offering (at the suggestion of one of our lovely customers) a perfume flight to sample all twelve of our scents…  with a bit of savings, too! The ‘Flight + Favorite’ options arrive with a Sweet Sisters gift card which  you can redeem for a full-size perfume (0.25oz or 0.5oz) once you’ve found the scent that resonates most!



blossom: floral and bright, but not overly sweet and never cloying. Gardenia, jasmine sambac and grandiflorum, and bulgarian rose envelope you in beautiful blooms.

earth essence: this special blend of vetiver, vanilla, ylang ylang and sweet orange grounds, centers and uplifts the spirit and senses. (a favorite of yogis and yoginis!)

espiritu: with prominent notes of frankincense and myrrh, this aroma evokes a sense of the sacred. It’s grounding and meditative, and useful for opening the third eye and loosening the grip of the mind.

forest + sea: this is the signature blend of The Inn at Langley with deep earthy notes of vetiver and oak moss, warming heart woods +  sweet flowers of the forest, and the salty breeze of the sea.

heart rose: deeply soft and fragrant rose (but not your grandmother’s rose) with grounding notes of amber and sandalwood, this oil allows for heart opening and an expanding sense of love.

masala: an exotic warming blend of cardamom and sweet spice that is at once comforting and familiar as well as adventurously exotic.

moss: lively, herbacious green notes couple with a grounding earthiness in this gender inclusive scent. Oak moss, cistus, labdamum, bergamot, galbanum, and patchouli make Moss deep, rich, sensuous, and totally gender inclusive.

one: perfect for all genders, this erotic and seductive scent seems to be a chameleon of sorts, changing with the wearer to create a unique personality inviting to all. It is bright and fresh, and at the same time, smooth and sensuous.

palo santo:  this mystical tree grows on the coast of South America and is related to frankincense, myrrh and copal.  In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood” and is known to support the nervous and immune systems as well as enhance the meditative and creative mind. Warmly relaxing and subtly alluring, palo santo melds beautifully with the freshness of begamot, the heart of pink lotus and jasmine and the depth of labdamum, and copaiba balsam for a truly beautiful anointing.

roam: a beautiful aura with fresh and spicy botanicals in a bohemian blend of palo santo, black pepper, ginger, and citrus with a subtle hint of green geranium.

sacred earth: a blend of three of the most revered trees … sandalwood, cedar and frankincense to arouse a sense of the sacred, and to clear and center the mind and emotions. Small amounts of jasmine and ylang ylang raise the energy so that it inspires as well as calms.

suhana: sensuous and inviting, warm and captivating, this bewitching vanilla-infused blend is a new favorite.

Additional information


In addition to being worn as perfume, these aromas can be used to deepen a meditation practice or other activity by using the perfume each time it is practiced. In addition, a drop or two in a bath is simply lovely as is a drop on your chest before showering or bathing.


Gratitude-infused with 30% essential oils, organic jojoba oil or organic grape alcohol, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

Jojoba-based: earth essence, espiritu, heart rose, masala, palo santo, sacred earth
Alcohol-based: blossom, one, roam, suhana

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