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A gentle oil massage is a wonderful activity for you and your baby to connect, relax and enjoy each other. Massage is also well known for its ability to stimulate “happy” endorphins as well as promote restful sleep. Our easily absorbed blend of organic plant oils infused with nourishing herbs and calming essential oils leaves your baby’s skin silky smooth and protected. This oil works wonders for cradle cap and can be used as a cleansing oil. You may also blend this oil with our baby wash for an extra dose of nourishing moisture.


My daughter, Terra, recently welcomed baby Ayla into the world! To celebrate Terra becoming a mother and the birth of my first grandchild, I crafted a small range of products designed for mom and baby: Baby Oil, Baby Powder, Nipple Balm, Bum Balm, and Baby Wash.

Each offering is made with thoughtfully selected, ultra-gentle, babe-safe ingredients. This is the baby-care toolkit I wish I’d had when I first became a mother and I’m honored to share it with my daughter — and with you!

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Gratitude infusion of organic extra virgin coconut, sunflower, meadowfoam, moringa + sesame oils with organic calendula, rose, lavender, chamomile, comfrey root + leaf, olive squalane, organic rosehip seed, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being. In the scented version, we include essential oils of cape chamomile, german (blue) chamomile, roman chamomile, and lavender population.


After bathing is a wonderful time for a massage, while the skin is warm + slightly damp. It could be the perfect soother before bed so you all have a restful sleep!


cape chamomile + lavender, without essential oils


4 oz

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