baby shampoo + wash


Our babe-safe all-over wash is made with ultra-gentle sulfate-free + biodegrable plant based cleansers, moisturizing organic jojoba, soothing calendula, rosehip, and sea buckthorn extracts, as well as gluten-free quinoa protein to improve mildness, rinsability, and detangling. If you’d like to create a super moisturizing and nourishing wash, blend with baby oil (1:4 parts wash to oil).

We offer two options: unscented wash for babies under six months old and a lightly scented version that incorporates aromas of cape chamomile and lavender for six months and above.


My daughter, Terra, recently welcomed baby Ayla into the world! To celebrate Terra becoming a mother and the birth of my first grandchild, I crafted a small range of products designed for mom and baby: Baby Oil, Baby Powder, Nipple Balm, Bum Balm, and Baby Wash.

Each offering is made with thoughtfully selected, ultra-gentle, babe-safe ingredients. This is the baby-care toolkit I wish I’d had when I first became a mother and I’m honored to share it with my daughter — and with you!

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Gratitude infusion of wildcrafted / organic nettle, horsetail, rose, lavender, rosemary + calendula, sodium cocyl taurate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, quinoa hydrolyzed protein, vitamin B5 panthenol, organic jojoba oil, alkyl + olive esters, glucolactone + sodium benzoate (ECOcert preservative), methyl glucose caprate/ caprylate/oleate (vegetable derived thickener), rosehip, seabuckthorn + calendula extracts + love. In the scented version, we include essential oils of cape chamomile, roman chamomile, and lavender population.


We recommend unscented products for your baby's fist few months. There are no added anesthetics for a "tear-free" formula. Although this wash is mild, try to avoid getting product in eyes.


without essential oils, cape chamomile + lavender



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