bamboo cleansing cloth


I am so happy to have been able to source these local, handmade, double-layer, organic bamboo cleansing cloths. They are thick, soft and cushiony… and perfect for removing dark-colored masks, like our pumpkin peel, radiance, and detox masks.

The charcoal black side has more “grip” to remove the bulk of the mask, while the grey side, so soft and nurturing , cleans your face completely.

These cloths can also be used just with water to clean your face in the morning and with cleansers at night.

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Why organic bamboo?

It uses less water to grow.
Bamboo requires no irrigation, requiring 1/3 the amount of water to grow than is necessary for cotton, and uses water more efficiently than other fiber trees and plants. Since water is precious, using a material that uses less seems the most sustainable choice.

It’s a self-replenishing resource.
Bamboo rarely, if ever, needs replanting. The miracle of bamboo is that it will sprout on its own. One acre of bamboo will yield at least 10 times more than one acre of cotton and cotton needs harvesting and re-planting each year!  Some species of bamboo can grow up to 4 feet a day and can be fully harvest-able within 3 to 4 years…  replenishing its crop by itself!

It smells better + stays cleaner over time.
One of the most amazing properties of bamboo is that it has antimicrobial properties referred to as “Bamboo Kun.” These natural antimicrobial bio-agents help reduce the bacteria that thrive on fabrics and other materials, as well as on human skin. Have you ever wondered why bamboo floor mats are so popular in countries where shoes aren’t worn inside? It might be related to the fact that these antibacterial properties keep things smelling fresh…. and I think this applies to our bamboo cloths as well!

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The cloth is wonderful as a regular washcloth, and especially to remove dark colored masks. Use the charcoal black side (with more "grip") to remove the bulk of the mask, and finish with the grey side (so soft and nurturing) to clean your face completely.


Handmade with two layers of organic bamboo fabric.

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