bath goddess


mineral bathing salt | bath truffles | sugar + salt body polish | nourishing body oil | plus, a gifted beeswax candle and three rose quartz bathing crystals

Does taking a bath relax and rejuvenate you, restore your sense of balance, and open a space for renewed clarity and energy ?

If you’re like me, and your answer is a most definite YES, then this collection of nourishing bathing beauties is for you! We’ve gathered the most beautiful products to elevate your bathing experience to goddess-worthy.


Slip into a tub of aromatic mineral bathing salts or uber-moisturizing bath truffles, under the flickering light of a beeswax candle, transforming the air with beneficial ions. Smooth your skin with beautifully fragrant body polish, while soaking in the energy of rose quartz crystals, followed by an anointing of our nourishing body oil.

This set is completely customizable… so you pick the scent combinations.

We think bathing goes deeper than the goal of getting clean… it is an opportunity for self care, and the practice of presence.

The time you take to connect to this deeper place matters.

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The ritual:

Light your candle. Dim or turn off the lights. You can place the crystals in the bath to set an intention for the water that also increases the vitalizing power of the nourishing ingredients. Add the salts or bath truffle into the water, or if you're using the body polish for this bath, dip into the water to wet your skin and stand to massage your whole body before slipping back into the bath. Breathe in the beautiful aroma of plant energy.

As you relax in the tub, imagine yourself opening to unknown possibility and releasing what no longer serves you. Establish a fluidity of thought and energy. Relax your eyes to the sight of candlelight dancing on the water before you, and feel your breath. Feel the silky waters on your skin; feel how it connects all the parts of your body into one. Sense yourself as being one with the water. Take your time in this place.

The time you take to connect to this deeper place matters.


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