bathing truffles


Our bathing truffles are a cross between a bath oil and a bath bomb, yet decidedly more luxurious than both!

These effervescent bath confections contains a fusion of skin softening baking soda, rich and moisturizing organic cocoa butter, and lusciously aromatic essential oils to transport your mind and senses to a beautiful place. Your skin will be uber-moisturized and smelling divine!

These truffles make a beautiful gift, too!




(Bath truffles are also fun to break apart, watch fizz and foam in your hands, and generally have a grand time in the tub!)

Additional information


Wait until you step into the tub to drop 1 truffle (1/2 if it's a quickie, 2, if you're skin, is especially dry and you're feeling indulgent) into your warm bathwater. It will gently fizz in the bottom of the bath, releasing skin-softening oils and its beautiful natural aroma… lay back and let your mind drift to a peaceful place.


Organic cocoa butter, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, organic cocoa powder, sulfated castor oil (emulsifier), essential oils, vanilla bean powder, love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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