beauty balm


the ultimate 5-in-1 multi-tasker

This soft, smooth and silky multi-tasking balm functions beautifully as a cleansing oil, face mask, all-over moisturizer, cuticle balm, split-end tamer, hair and beard oil… so simple!

Beauty Balm melts on touch into a luscious potion that absorbs quickly and envelops you in beautifully fragrant nourishment (think fresh orange peel and vanilla bean).

Soothing and emollient cupuacu butter, antioxidant-rich superheroes sea buckthorn, rosehip, carrot seed, and calendula blend synergistically with potent therapeutic essential oils like tumeric, blue tansy and pink lotus for the ultimate body nourishment.


Check out the beauty that is cupuacu butter….

Theobroma grandiflorum (cupuacu) is a tree from the tropical areas of Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. (It’s actually the national fruit of Brazil.)  Each tree produces about 20-30 very heavy fruits containing 30-50 seeds surrounded by a lot of creamy yellowish pulp that has a lovely nutty aroma. This pulp provides the high fat cupuacu butter and contains some of the most powerful, antioxidants around! It surpasses beloved hydrating butters such as shea butter with its unmatched ability to retain moisture and is softer, creamier and more easily absorbed than cocoa butter. In addition to repairing your skin’s moisture barrier, cupuacu butter will also improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin, keeping it looking and feeling so much smoother and more supple. Due to its low melting point, this special butter absorbs quickly into your skin without a greasy or heavy feel, which makes it perfect for a multi-tasker like the beauty balm.

Additional information


Use very small amount at first until you become accustomed to the texture and how much you need. This multi-tasking balm can be applied to face, hair, entire body (especially after a bath or shower where a little can go a long way). It's wonderful as a beard oil, cuticle, nail and hand cream or as a foot treatment before bed. Apply and cover with natural fiber socks.


Gratitude-infused organic cupuacu butter, organic shea butter, organic aloe vera, organic jojoba oil, wildcrafted moringa oil, pracaxi butter, cherry kernel oil, meadowfoam oil, kukui nut oil, organic rosehip oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, argan oil, organic cocoa butter, carrot, cranberry and broccoli seed oils, orange wax, tamanu oil, essential oils of helichrysum, sandalwood, vanilla bourbon, blue tansy, pink lotus, frankincense, myrrh, turmeric, geranium and lavender, love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.


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