charcoal konjac sponge


This 100% natural root fiber sponge, infused with activated charcoal, does a wonderful job of gently exfoliating and cleansing even the most sensitive skin. Even though it says “for oily skin” on the package, it’s wonderful for everyone as the charcoal is detoxifying and non-drying. This type of sponge has been used in Japan for over 100 years on children and adults alike. Its cushiony soft texture fits perfectly in the contours of your face, allowing it to scrub gently and leave your skin feeling nourished, smooth and clean.

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Use with just warm water in the morning and with your favorite cleanser in the evenings. (If you have oil-rich skin, use a cleanser morning and evening.)

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Before use, rinse and soak your dry sponge in warm water until is is fully expanded and softened.

Cleanse your face in the mornings with just the softened sponge and warm water. In the evenings, use with your favorite cleanser, gently massaging in a circular motion. Avoid harsh scrubbing, especially over congested areas. After use, rinse your sponge and press to remove excess water rather than twisting or wringing to prevent tearing. Keep dry when not in use and replace every 4-6 weeks. Enjoy your soft, smooth clean skin!


100% konjac glucomannan and activated bamboo charcoal.

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