coconut msm + honey moisture mask

multi-purpose multi-use body lip balm


This mask is pure ambrosia and will inspire renewed and radiant skin… no matter your skin type or condition. It’s excellent for dry, irritated, combination and even oily and congested skin.

Our soothing, replenishing and good-enough-to-eat formulation boasts organic extra virgin coconut oil to soften, soothe, and moisturize; msm (methylsulfonylmethane) to soothe inflammation, accelerate tissue repair, promote healthy cell growth and draw the other beneficial nutrients deeply into your skin; raw organic honey with its live enzymes to support your skin’s cell renewal process, assist in the formation of stronger collagen and healthy tissue, and provide anti-bacterial protection with its time-released hydrogen peroxide; vitamin B5 panthenol and allantoin to improve hydration, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing; and deliciously aromatic essential oils for their wonder-full aromatherapy!

Let nature’s gifts work their magic on your skin! 


Rub 1/2 to 1 tablespoon between your fingertips to create a pliable consistency and apply a thin layer to your clean, dry face. Add a small amount of warm water or tea to activate the peroxide and enzymes, and massage gently into your skin. I like to apply my mask in the bath and sometimes drape a warm washcloth over the mask to allow the nutrients to penetrate more deeply.

Relax for about 20 minutes (preferably with cucumber or cool tea bags over your eyes), then wipe mask away with a warm cloth and rinse with water. Follow with your favorite facial mist, serum and moisturizer. Use to calm, soothe and hydrate as a regular part of your weekly skin care ritual.


Organic honey infused with wildcrafted and organic fresh flowers and herbs (may include rose, lavender, calendula, horsetail, and nettle), organic extra virgin coconut oil, MSM, organic beeswax, vitamin B5 panthenol, allantoin (comfrey), organic vanilla powder, organic jojoba oil, pure vanilla oleoresin, essential oil, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

2 oz