dazzle tooth whitener + brightener

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Have you been looking for a way to whiten your teeth without any tooth sensitivity?

You’ve found your answer in our food-grade blend of activated charcoal and calcium that whitens and brightens your teeth while strengthening your tooth enamel, reducing sensitivity, and detoxifying your whole mouth for a fresh-from-the-dentist clean.

Activated charcoal easily and painlessly absorbs stains from tea, coffee, wine, berries, and other foods. Once you try it and see how well it works, you’ll never go back to those sensitizing and irritating chemical/peroxide treatments!


Wet toothbrush, shake off excess water, dip into jar, close lips while brushing your teeth (to avoid black splatter), leave for 1-10 minutes and brush clean. We recommend using our tongue cleaner afterwards as the black charcoal will adhere to toxic bacteria on your tongue. (It’s like those red tablets dentists used to use to see how well you’re brushing… but much healthier:)

Use daily, or every other day, to bring your smile up to your desired level of whiteness, and then use weekly, or as needed, to maintain.


Gratitude-infused activated food-grade bamboo charcoal, organic arrowroot, calcium bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, organic clove, organic cinnamon, organic star anise, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

1.7 oz



activated charcoal tooth whitener for sensitive teeth