deep conditioning hair mask


We’ve swapped the plastic for glass + doubled the volume so you can be super generous with your hair! (photo coming soon:)

Sometimes, you need deeper care to restore luster and elasticity to hair that’s dry, dull or damaged. Our mask is handcrafted with generous amounts of nourishing murumuru, cupuacu and mango butters, penetrating jojoba oil, and hair healthy herbs, such as wild horsetail (rich in natural silica known to strengthen your hair and skin), and wild nettle (high in vitamins A and C, and able to stimulate hair roots for healthy growth). Pure essential oils provide mild scalp stimulation, improved circulation, AND make your hair smell fabulous! There’s no water or other liquid in the formulation so it’s super concentrated.

Here’s to gorgeous hair!


This intensive mask gives all the benefits of a deep oil treatment with the easy rinsability of a conditioner. This makes it MUCH more convenient to use regularly… as soon as water touches the mask, it instantly transforms into a lotion that rinses away effortlessly, without any greasy residue that would need to be removed by shampooing. Used regularly, it can transform the way your hair feels. It’s also perfect as a post-salon restorative treatment and as a leave-on smoother.

“I am serious about my hair products, especially my conditioners. I tried the hair mask and I LOVED it. The conditioning lasted a long time and I will purchase it again. Thanks Karen, I love, love, love your products! I’m a customer for life!” – Michelle

“Please DON’T CHANGE A THING! The Deep Conditioning Mask is perfect for my curly hair, adding a bit of definition, shine, and I love the way it feels on my hair. I’ve NEVER loved a product so much!” – Stephanie

“I had some surprising great outcome with your product yesterday. So often botanical products don’t do much for fried out, chemically treated hair. Yesterday, a client had long chemically and environmentally tortured hair. I’d say her hair was a 4.5 on the health meter. I did not rinse out all of the hair mask, just left a thin coating, then blow-dried with Nutrient Mist. She described her hair a day later as ‘silky’. I think that is a huge win for botanical products versus salon products. Good job Karen!” – Alison D.

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Gratitude infusion of wildcrafted horsetail, organic calendula, and wildecrafted nettle in organic sunflower and argan oils, organic cupuacu butter, organic mango butter, behentrimonium methosulfate, organic jojoba oil, organic camelia oil, organic murumuru butter, cetyl + jojoba esters, caprylyl capryl glucoside (ECOcert), glyceryl monocaprylate + glyceryl monoundecylenate (ECOcert), mixed tocopherols (non-gmoo), essential oils + love.


Use clean, dry hands or a reserved scoop to remove desired amount from jar and avoid introducing water into the container to maintain freshness. (I like to scoop a tablespoon or more into a small dish and bring that into the shower with me.) Apply to freshly cleansed, damp hair after each shampooing, once a week, or less frequently, depending on your hair's condition. You may add small amounts of water if needed to help the product distribute evenly in your hair. Cover and add heat if desired, or just leave for 2 to 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and you're done. No shampooing after treatment is necessary, or beneficial. Press your hair into a towel, instead of rubbing or wringing, and wait to style until your hair is dry to minimize stretching and breakage.

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