deluxe detox set


detox toothpaste | dazzle whitener | copper tongue cleaner | detox bath | kessa glove | fresh start polish | detox mask | luminous face + body oil | magnesium butter

Our deluxe detox set is the ultimate gift for your health and well being! It’s the perfect support while completing a cleanse and for the daily practice of self care. Detox isn’t just a seasonal activity anymore. Given the levels of pollutants in our environment and the daily stressors of modern life, detox practices need to become a regular activity, much like brushing our teeth! Instead of worrying about inadvertent exposure to toxic chemicals, make detox an integral part of your life and enjoy its rejuvenating benefits.



Enjoy relaxing, detoxifying baths and healthy dental practices to assist in the removal of heavy metals, pesticides, environmental pollutants, radiation, and other toxins from the tissues of the body through your skin and GI tract, instead of overburdening your liver with this process. These clays and supporting nutrients, such a magnesium, activated charcoal, fulvic and humic earth substances, create strong ionic bonds to toxins, neutralizing them, so your body can safely eliminate them, rejuvenate, and heal naturally!

The additional tools, such as the copper tongue cleaner, fresh start polish, and kessa glove, clear away congestion and accumulations that can be obstacles in successful detoxification. The magnesium butter and luminous face and body oil nourish and soothe your body.

To your health!


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