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The daily practice of caring for your skin can positively influence the way you feel about yourself… and you may notice how over time, how this extends to the way you care for yourself in other areas of your life as well. When you use wholesome products and set aside some time each day to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin, the effort will definitely show!

We’ve curated five complete skincare rituals for healthy, glowing, radiant skin… that includes a free supreme eye cream!



age well: our best products to boost collagen production, firm, and improve hydration include olive + rosehip cleansing oil, fresh start polish, firm mist (dmae + msm), dmae + msm age-well serum, emollience peptide cream, coconut msm + honey mask (*or pumpkin antioxidant peel if your skin does well with glycolic acid), and supreme eye cream.

balancing: our best products to balance combination skin include gentle aloe wash, fresh start polish, balance mist (orange blossom), clear skin serum (*or resurfacer if your skin does well with glycolic acid), calendula silk, radiance charcoal mask, and supreme eye cream.

calming: our best products to keep sensitive skin nourished and calm include calendula cream cleanser, fresh start polish, balance mist (orange blossom), glow antioxidant seed serum (*choose dry/normal or combination), calendula silk, coconut msm + honey mask, and supreme eye cream.

clarifying: our best products to keep follicles clear while balancing sebum levels include clear skin cleanser, fresh start polish, fruit enzyme brighten mist, clear skin serum, glow antioxidant seed serum/moisturizer for combination skin, detox face mask (*or radiance charcoal mask if you prefer), and supreme eye cream.

hydrating: our best products to keep dry skin smooth and hydrated include olive + rosehip cleansing oil, fresh start polish, rose hydrating mist, glow antioxidant seed serum (dry/normal), rose jojoba cream, coconut msm + honey mask, and supreme eye cream.

*If you’d like substitutions, please email us:)

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· When using one of our foaming washes (Gentle Aloe or Clear Skin), dampen your face with a bit of warm water, then massage your damp skin with a pump of cleanser. Give your skin the time it needs to experience the benefits of each thoughtfully selected ingredient by massaging for at least 30-60 seconds.

· When using our non-foaming washes (Calendula Cream Cleanser or Olive + Rosehip Oil Cleanser), apply the product to DRY skin first before adding a bit of warm water to provide the “slip” needed for a gentle facial massage and enjoy the benefits of boosted lymph circulation! Allow non-foaming washes to remain on your skin for an extra minute or two before rinsing or gently wiping with a warm, damp cloth. This extra moment of pause helps the hydrating and soothing ingredients do their best work.

· Consistent exfoliation can have such a positive effect on how your skin looks, feels and behaves. It’s like an exercise program for your face! Depending on your skin type and how quickly it sheds the dead skin cells, use an exfoliating product one to three times every week, with a week’s pause periodically to rest.

· Add Fresh Start powder (in all Deluxe Rituals) to your favorite cleanser to exfoliate texture and dullness, revealing the brighter, plumper skin beneath! When using a physical exfoliant, gentle, circular motions are best, and be careful around the eye area.

· When using the Re-Surfacer (an option in the Balancing Ritual) or the Pumpkin Antioxidant Peel (an option in the Age Well Ritual), introduce the exfoliating beta and hydroxy acids to your skin gradually; start on dry, cool skin with a thin layer and rinse after one minute. You can work your way up over time to 30 minutes for the Pumpkin Peel and all-night for the Re-Surfacer. Also, sunburn alert! Like other chemical exfoliants and “peels”, hydroxy acids can increase your skin’s sensitivity to sun exposure. Use common “sun sense” to protect and shade your skin in the week following use.

Once or twice each week, apply a face mask to your freshly cleansed face using your fingers — or a face-friendly brush — for an added dose of relaxing nourishment in your skincare ritual.

· When using the Detox Mask (in the Clarifying Ritual) or Radiance Charcoal Mask (in the Balancing Ritual), it’s best to prepare your mask in a small dish (or our handcrafted mask dish made with local clay). Hydrate 1-3 tablespoons of the powder with pure warm water or your favorite tea, such as chamomile, licorice, green tea or rooibos. (Avoid strong flavors such as peppermint, cinnamon or clove.) Apply this preparation to your skin with gentle fingers or a face-friendly brush. Do NOT let the mask dry on your skin! Instead, extend the wearing time by misting occasionally with the accompanying facial mist or simply adding warm water to the areas that dry more quickly. To remove the mask, apply a warm, wet cloth for a few seconds before wiping away. We offer a lovely organic bamboo cloth that’s perfect for cleansing and removing masks, especially dark colored ones!

· For the Hydrating Honey Mask, apply a teaspoon of product to your skin along with a bit of warm water to activate the enzymes and allow the product to spread evenly over your skin. Allow to remain for at least 20 minutes if possible (or longer:) Wipe away with a soft, warm, wet cloth. This mask is super hydrating and can be used over delicate skin, such as your lips and under your eyes!

After cleansing, pat your skin with a gentle, dry cloth and moisten with a few sprays (or a cotton-round swipe) of facial mist.

Next, dab Supreme Eye Cream around the eye area with your uniquely gentle ring fingers! Your temples and the space between your brows and eyelids can also benefit from some Supreme Eye Cream love.

With Eye Cream settling in, apply a pump or two of your serum to your fingertips and press onto your still damp face and neck. Glow Antioxidant Seed Serum can also be used for a wonderful facial massage.
· Clear Skin Serum is used over congested areas to treat and prevent recurrence as well as a spot treatment.
· If your ritual includes Glow Antioxidant Seed Serum (all Deluxe sets aside from the Balancing), gently rub 1-4 drops and a spray of facial mist between your palms and press into your skin as a serum or as the final moisturizing step in your routine.

After giving your serum a few moments to absorb, apply a light-to-generous layer of cream moisturizer your face, neck and décolletage by firmly pressing onto your skin, and use any excess to nourish the backs of your hands.

Keep your facial mist on-hand and apply throughout the day to hydrate and nourish your skin, enjoy its aromatherapeutic benefits, and moments of mindful pause.

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