detox toothpaste

detox toothpaste zeolite clay without fluoride no artificial sweeteners colors no glycerin


Our special blend of zeolite and pyrophyllite clay polishes and re-mineralizes your teeth, absorbs toxins (heavy metals, viruses, bacteria and parasites), alkalinizes your pH, and works synergistically with the essential oils to lessen plaque and cavities while nourishing your overall health! Now, how many toothpastes can boast that?

Our toothpaste contains NO sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial colors or sweeteners, harsh abrasives (like baking soda), dehydrating salt, or glycerin (found in most toothpastes, even “natural” ones), which coats teeth and interferes with proper re-mineralization from the food you eat.

Your teeth will become whiter and brighter, your mouth will feel cleaner and healthier, and you will feel good knowing that you’re performing a healthy practice for your whole body!


Wet your toothbrush, tap off excess water and dip into the jar to reach a small amount of paste.  Alternately, spread onto a dry, soft-bristled toothbrush and massage over your teeth and gums. Periodically, add water to your toothbrush, continuing to brush. Drink some pure water to rinse the remainder of the paste from your teeth and the edges of your mouth (it dries white).

If the paste in your jar should become dry over time, simply add a bit of purified or distilled water and stir to keep it smooth and creamy. This toothpaste may also be swallowed!  Just think of it like taking a twice daily supplement to not only detox your teeth and mouth, but your whole body:)

If you are generally sensitive, use your best judgement in how often you use the toothpaste and if you choose to swallow after brushing.


Gratitude-infused zeolite, pyrophyllite clay, distilled gratitude-structured water, birch xylitol, sea buckthorn berry oil, essential oils of cinnamon bark, peppermint, turmeric, clove, oregano, tea tree, pine, sweet orange and rose, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

1.7 oz | 4 oz | .25 oz sample

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detox toothpaste remineralizes teeth polish healthy teeth and gums