foaming hand soap


earth essence | forest essence | fresh citrus | lavender dream | lemongrass myrtle | palo santo | rosemary mint | vanilla orange + ginger

We think you’ll love our natural foaming hand soap, made with organic olive, coconut, sunflower and jojoba oils plus soothing organic plant-based glycerin and pure essential oils! It’s packaged in a foamer bottle that has a special air pump which produces a light, white foamy lather that cleans amazingly well, leaving your hands soft and conditioned.

We have finally sourced a lovely GLASS apothecary foamer bottle with a black metal cap…. Yay to minimizing our plastic consumption  + elevating aesthetics! (Photo will be here soon:)

This hand soap is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and is a sure way to get children (and everyone else) to WANT to wash because the foam feels so good on your hands and is actually fun to use! The bottle is easily refillable with a 1:1 ratio of our refill concentrate to purified water.


We think that caring for our bodies through something as simple as washing our hands gives us the opportunity to pause and connect with ourselves and the beauty all around and within us. Using thoughtfully prepared products made with natural ingredients and aromas, infused with love and the highest intentions for your health and well being can be felt… we think you’ll feel the difference!

earth essence: a grounding, calming blend of vetiver, sweet orange, vanilla and ylang ylang (signature scent of The Yoga Lodge).

forest essence: a blend of beautiful forest aromas with oak moss, vanilla, sweet orange, and ylang ylang (signature scent of the Inn at Langley).

fresh citrus: a blend of juicy grapefruit and bergamot with a touch of sweet ylang ylang.

lavender dreams: relaxing with french and bulgarian lavenders, jasmine, vanilla, sweet orange, clementine essential oils.

lemongrass myrtle: a feel-good blend of bright citrus and sweet herbaceous notes that uplift and refresh.

palo santo: warmly relaxing and subtly alluring, palo santo melds beautifully with the freshness of begamot, the heart of pink lotus and jasmine and the depth of labdamum, copaiba balsam and tobacco.

rosemary + mint: fresh, herbaceous and enlivening (signature scent of Edit.).

vanilla orange + ginger: a sumptuous blend of warming vanilla, fresh orange, and spicy ginger. (This scent includes phthalate-free fragrance in addition to essential oils.)

Additional information


Turn the nozzle to the "on" position and press a few times to prime the pump. This soap works best at a sink instead of in the shower, where water could inadvertently interfere with the functioning of the air pump. If water does get into pump, allow to air dry before continuing use.

When refilling your foamer pump, fill to one inch below the bottle neck with 1:1 distilled or purified water and concentrate. This leaves enough room for the pump, keeping soap out of the air chamber. You may increase the ratio of water to soap concentrate to your liking, but do not decrease it, as a higher concentration of soap may clog the filter. After many refills, it may be time for a new cap with a fresh air pump; we offer these separately.


Gratitude-infused organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil, organic aloe vera juice, distilled water, potassium hydroxide (needed for saponification, but not present in the final product), vegetable glycerin, sulfated castor oil (emulsifier and skin conditioner), essential oils (a blend of essential oils + phthalate free fragrance in the vanilla orange + ginger type), love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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