frankincense shave cream


Our shaving cream is formulated to soften and lift the hair as well as provide cushion for a close, comfortable shave while leaving your skin clean, fresh feeling and lightly moisturized. Nourishing organic shea butter + chamomile extract protect skin from razor burn, nicks and ingrown hairs while pure bentonite clay improves razor glide for a smooth, comfortable shave for YOUR BEST SKIN EVER!

And it smells wonderful… with frankincense, myrrh, vetiver and sweet orange, it offers a woody, deep and sensual aroma that is perfect for all genders:)

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Apply a dab of cream to area to be shaved and add water as needed to reach your desired consistency. You may also add the cream to a dish and lather with a brush.


Gratitude infused vegetable glycerin, chamomile flower infusion, sodium cocoyl isethionate, organic avocado oil, organic shea butter, coco betaine, organic castor bean oil, sodium bentonite clay, sorbitol, sodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, olive leaf extract, essential oils, vegetable stearic acid, love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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