lavender hydrosol


This is the ultimate multi-use mist for skin and hair! It’s also an ideal air freshener and odor neutralizer, as well as a gentle antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and cooling first aid treatment. Mist generously and breathe deeply to enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits.

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Experience the beauty of this special lavender blend, organically grown in a regenerative Whidbey Island garden and distilled by permaculturalist Penny Livingston. It contains water-soluble plant essence along with a generous, beneficial dose of essential oil. Excellent for sensitive skin with its natural calming, soothing, and regenerative benefits, as well as gentle-yet-powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and cooling properties for YOUR BEST SKIN EVER!


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Gratitude-infused lavender angustifolia folgate and grosso hydrosols + love.


Shake well and mist generously over freshly cleansed skin, or hair and scalp. Follow with your favorite serum and moisturizer to seal in nutrients and hydration.

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