lemon + zinc roll on deodorant


Our light, gentle and silky roll-on deodorant is aluminum, glycol and baking soda-free and wonderfully effective in preventing odor.

While perspiring is a necessary process to rid your body of toxins and regulate temperature and virtually odor-free, it becomes malodorous when combined with certain bacteria found on your skin. Our lemon-y unisex deodorant incorporates zinc ricinoleate, a form of zinc salt, to absorb and neutralize unwanted odors, while slowing down bacteria growth. We also utilize the natural odor-eliminating power of saccharomyces ferment, an enzyme that uses ammonia (the smelly stuff in sweat) to make amino acids, which are odorless!

We also include soothing calamine powder for the “dry-factor” and lemon myrtle, lemongrass and litsea cubeba essential oils for their non-resistant antibacterial and antiseptic function.  Its crisp lemon scent instills a feeling of freshness and cleanliness!

Together, these natural ingredients work amazingly well to keep you fresh all day–while allowing your body to do its job.


If you have tried lots of “natural” deodorants without success, we suggest you first try our coconut + baking soda deodorant. If you think you might be sensitive to baking soda, then this is the one to try!

“Sweet Sisters’ naturally made roll-on deodorant is the only natural one that I ever tried that actually works for me — I tried every other brand, but they just didn’t work.  It is a great blessing to have this healthy alternative that not only works, but is fine with my clothes. I am grateful for all of the Sweet Sisters’ products but this one should be on every grocery shelf — and it’s the only “natural” deodorant on the market with ingredients that my doctor, who’s an M.D., homeopath, and organic nutrition specialist, approved for my use.  I highly recommend it.”

Additional information


Roll on deodorant under arms as needed for odor-free freshness. Do not use over abraded or irritated skin.


Gratitude-structured water, golden witch hazel extract, vegetable emulsifying wax, fractionated coconut oil, cetyl esters, kosher vegetable glycerin, saccharomyces ferment, zinc ricinoleate, glucolactone + sodium benzoate (ECOcert preservative), polyglyceryl oleate, calamine powder, essential oils, allantoin (comfrey), love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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