mask bowl + brush

available individually or as a set

mask brush and handmade bowls


Using a bowl and brush to apply our radiance, detox clay, and pumpkin peel masks is a lovely experience and helps with application, using less product.

We are so pleased to be able to offer these beautiful handmade mask bowls by a local Whidbey Island potter. I requested they be designed without a “foot” so the bowl would nest intimately in the palm of your hand. They are a perfect size and depth, and truly elevate the ritual of masking!

Our vegan brush is soft, yet firm, and a perfect size for reaching the contours of your face.


Add 1-2 tablespoons of powdered mask into the bowl and activate with warm water, tea, or other liquid of your choosing. Coconut cream is lovely for dry skin and green or rooibos tea act as potent antioxidants. Add just enough liquid and blend with your brush to create a smooth, viscous paste. Feel how lovely and effective it is to apply your mask this way!


The clay body for the bowls is stoneware with a hand mixed glaze. The glaze on the black bowl is made with local Double Bluff clay from Whidbey Island!

The brush bristles are vegan and the handle is a smooth plastic with a nice hand-feel.

brush | bowl | set

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