cleansing cloth

handmade using organic bamboo

radiance charcoal face mask detox refine texture smooth healthy skin


I am so happy to have been able to source these local, handmade, double-layer, organic bamboo cleansing cloths. They are thick, soft and cushiony… and perfect for removing dark-colored masks, like our pumpkin peel, radiance, and detox masks.

The charcoal black side has more “grip” to remove the bulk of the mask, while the grey side, so soft and nurturing , cleans your face completely.

These cloths can also be used just with water to clean your face in the morning and with cleansers at night.


The cloth is wonderful as a regular washcloth, and especially to remove dark colored masks. Use the charcoal black side (with more “grip”) to remove the bulk of the mask, and finish with the grey side (so soft and nurturing) to clean your face completely.


Handmade with two layers of organic bamboo fabric.