pinyon pine wildcrafted oil infusion


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A few years ago when creating the forest walk blend, I fell deeply in love with the aroma of pinyon pine. From time to time, I would just open the small bottle of essential oil, close my eyes and breathe in…. wordless.

Piney, sweet, woody + mildly camphorous, pinyon pine is traditionally used to restore balanced energy levels and support healthy respiratory function. This wildcrafted infusion is handcrafted with the needles and twigs from the remote high desert of Nevada. Since it is slowly infused in plant oil rather than steam distilled, its unique scent has a more full-bodied “earthy” richness that softens and deepens over time.

So, here is one incarnation as a limited edition 4 oz body anointing… body oil, chest rub, foot oil… may it fill your senses with its beautiful aroma and generous spirit!

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And here’s the backstory…  To my delight, while driving across country last January, I came upon forests of pinyon pine. I just had to pull over and walk among them, touch them, smell them. I received a clear permission to harvest some, so I went back to the truck, found some paper grocery bags and clippers, and began snipping the needles that said, “YES.” When I returned home, I infused the needles, twigs and resin in oil, not sure how I would use it, but I knew it would be special.


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4 oz, 16 oz refill


Massage into skin and hair… Enjoy!


Handcrafted with wildcrafted pinyon pine, organic argan oil, organic jojoba oil, organic rosehip seed oil, olive squalane, organic evening primrose oil, essential oils, love + the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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