radiance charcoal mask


This midnight-black fusion of mineral clays, antioxidant-rich raw cacao, detoxifying activated bamboo charcoal, essential soil nutrients, electrolytes, and potent herbs, effectively detoxifies, boosts circulation and collagen, eases congestion and dullness, lessens inflammation, and supports cell rejuvenation for simply radiant skin! Now, who doesn’t want that?

Activate with H2O for the ultimate freshness and potency for YOUR BEST SKIN EVER!



We offer you this mask as a powder to which you add pure water, organic tea or coconut milk to make a mask paste.

Pre-hydrated clay masks can be difficult to preserve, requiring higher amounts of preservative. By eliminating the need for a preservative, we make this mask safer and healthier for you and the environment!


Additional information


Mix to a thick paste using 1-2 tablespoons mask to pure water, tea or organic coconut milk. Using a brush or fingers, apply a thin layer, misting the mask occasionally with one of our facial mists or water, as the mask is most effective when kept moist. Remove the mask with a dark colored warm cloth (it can discolor light fabrics) and rinse. Follow with your favorite facial mist, serum and moisturizer.

We offer a lovely mask bowl, brush and some wonderful organic bamboo face cloths to elevate your mask experience and help your mask last longer:)

Spa ritual: After removing your radiance charcoal mask, apply a thin layer of the coconut, msm + honey moisture mask and relax for 5-20 minutes. Remove mask, mist, and finish with glow antioxidant seed serum… simply rejuvenating!


Gratitude infused rhassoul clay, pyrophyllite clay, activated bamboo charcoal, organic raw cacao, ocean magnesium, humic / fulvic earth, himalayan salt, roots of yellow dock, dandelion, burdock, echinacea + licorice, red clover blossom, chaparral leaf, ginger, kelp, epsom salt (earthen source), organic vanilla, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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