rose jojoba cream

rose jojoba natural face cream rich emollience for all skin types


This rose cream is a best seller for good reason. It feels wonderful, smells divine, and leaves your skin feeling deeply nurtured and velvety soft. Jojoba oil is most like your skin’s natural moisture, providing softness and smoothness by  preventing dehydration. Jojoba is a natural mimic of collagen, highly anti-oxidative and able to match individual skin needs, providing moisturization that is easily adjustable for all skin “types.”

Some customers prefer this as their “luxurious” night cream while using a lighter cream, such as the calendula silk, emollience peptide, glow seed serum, or orange blossom cream for day use. Others love this cream day and night!


After cleansing and misting skin, rub cream between your palms and press onto skin for a soft, velvety finish. You may adjust the level of emollience by using less cream and applying it to a damp face. Use just enough to easily absorb within a few minutes…. a little goes a long way.


Organic jojoba oil, gratitude-infused rosewater, organic beeswax, red raspberry + rosehip seed oils, lactobacillus ferment + cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract (paraben-free preservative), mixed tocopherols (gmo + gluten-free vitamin E), rose otto essential oil, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

1.7 oz



“I have noticed a HUGE difference using your products, especially using them together. I don’t wear makeup any more. When I use your products, I don’t have any problem with enlarged pores or greasy skin, or dry papery patches or any of the other problems that go along with combination skin. When I use the Gentle Aloe Wash and Rose Jojoba cream, my skin is luscious, like a rose petal. I’m not kidding. It is truly amazing! The other natural products I’ve tried have either been too waxy, too greasy or with oils that don’t really absorb. Your products are the first that I would call perfect. I hope that you continue creating your products with the same integrity of ingredients and process that I’m experiencing right now. It’s fabulous and just perfect! ”


“I have been looking for “my” face cream for years.  I have tried most major brands from low-end to high-end, to no avail.  My skin is on the dry side, and most face creams are either too heavy or leave my skin eternally seeking more moisture.  I recently discovered Sweet Sisters’ Rose Jojoba Face Cream, and it is THE ONE!!  My skin has never been happier or healthier. The cream is beautifully wholesome (I recognize each ingredient by name!) and my skin literally feels nourished day and night.  Thank you Sweet Sisters for your amazing alchemy!”