rose water hydrating mist


Experience the delicate scent and high vibration of this special rosewater… light and true with the aroma of fresh rose petals. Distilled from bulgarian blooms, it expresses not only the gorgeous scent of the flower but also, somehow, the velvety softness of the petals. It’s heaven!

“Toning” your skin after cleansing serves an important step in your skin care ritual as it lowers the pH to a healthy level after rinsing with tap water (which is usually around a 7), helping restore barrier function and natural hydration. The special nature of rosewater is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant. The lovely aroma of rose has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


Since this rosewater is also free of added oil, glycerin and other humectants, you may use it to lightly scent and give needed hydration to your hair and body as well as to scent and raise the energy in your personal space.

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Lightly mist your skin after cleansing and before applying your favorite serum and moisturizer. Use throughout the day to freshen and hydrate your skin, hair, and body as well as enjoy its beautiful, uplifting aroma.


Gratitude-infused rosa damascena hydrosol, certified rose essence in vortexed purified water, rose otto essential oil, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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