cardamom (seasonal) | citrus bliss | flower child | forest essence | geranium | grapefruit | sweet orange + lavender | unscented | vanilla + mint

blue chamomile | forest walk | lavender + mint | palo santo | unscented | nag champa

monoi de tahiti (tiare gardenia)

Please note that the glass bottles require a pump to dispense properly. If you’ve purchased before, you may choose the recyclable metal  “standard cap” so that you can reuse your plastic pump and help to reduce plastic waste:)

Our shampoos are made with ultra-gentle surfactants that thoroughly cleanse your hair without stripping its essential moisture for YOUR BEST HAIR EVER!

All are free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, and phthalates from synthetic fragrance, and are safe for color-treated and processed hair. We include phytonutrient and mineral-rich herbal infusions with the abundant horsetail and nettle from the wilds around our studio, as well as organic herbs that support a healthy clear scalp, generous amounts of strengthening vitamin B5 panthenol and quinoa protein, and smoothing plant esters for hair that is strong, soft, shiny and lustrous. Elevate your shampoo experience with the true aromas of pure essential oils that will make you (and your bathroom) smell divine!

In addition to being wonderful for your hair, these shampoos can also be used as a 3-in-1 multi-purpose body, hand, and hair wash with wonderful results!


We do offer quite a few choices, so here’s some more information that’ll hopefully  lessen any confusion:

All are fabulous for every hair type; their differences lie in the herbal infusion used, and the type and amount of emollient conditioners.

Nourish contains soothing and strengthening herbs and generous amounts of lightweight plant esters that won’t weigh down your hair. Citrus Bliss pairs delectably comforting vanilla oleoresin with the tangy fresh sweetness of citrus peel. Flower Child has a sweet and earthy aroma of cedar, cannabis (hemp), lavender absolute, ylang ylang, clary sage, and aged patchouli. Geranium is a heady, “green” aroma of pure egyptian geranium essential oil while Grapefruit is fresh with a hint of sweet ylang ylang. Sweet Orange + Lavender includes a hint of vanilla and cocoa absolute for a beautiful synergy and Forest Essence is a blend of beautiful forest aromas with vanilla, sweet orange, and ylang ylang (signature scent of the Inn at Langley). Vanilla + Mint is invigorating with a beautiful blend of vanilla oleoresin balanced with the bright aliveness of Washington’s Willamette Valley peppermint. Cardamom is warming, delicious, and inviting, with the sweet spiciness of chai and vanilla (available in limited quantities during the holiday season).

Moisture includes humectant and strengthening herbs, moisturizing jojoba oil, and generous amounts of lightweight plant esters. Lavender + mint is balancing and energizing with a hint of sweet orange and vanilla. Palo santo is woody, exotic and bright with clementine, pink lotus, bergamot, jasmine and cistus. Blue chamomile is our lightest scent with german and cape chamomiles and Forest Walk is just as the name describes, a beautiful walk among cedar, black spruce, pine, vetiver, balsam fir, juniper and balsam peru with just a touch of sunny citrus. (And yes, we’ll still make the nag champa for you in the 38 oz size as we promised:)

Coconut is made with a jasmine infusion and moisturizing coconut oil as well as generous amounts of plant esters. The aroma is sublime with sweet tiare gardenia blossoms (monoi de tahiti) and gorgeous grandiflorum gardenia essential oil.

We offer our sample size in a reusable glass jar, and our other sizes in either glass or PET plastic. For refills of our 8.7, 17 and 36 oz glass packaging, we offer glass bottles with a recyclable standard cap so that you can reuse your plastic pump. We encourage you to choose glass as it’s easily recyclable and reduces the amount of plastic in our environment… plus it looks really lovely in your bathroom! If you’d like to learn more about safely using glass in the bathroom, check out our blog or email us for more information! We understand, though, if you prefer plastic, and are also happy to refill bottles if you choose to send them back to us when placing a new order.

“I have been talking about you (Sweet Sisters) many times recently, and meaning to write… we LOVE our new blue chamomile moisture shampoo + conditioner! Not a smidgen of allergy, and our hair(s) are crazy full of volume (without being frizzy.) YOU ROCK!”  – Rozie

“The Geranium Shampoo and Conditioner are incredible! I have curly hair and it helps the curls form. My daughter is from Myanmar where they make their own plant shampoo in her village. She tried other shampoos before I suggested mine. She has finally found a shampoo that gives her the same wonderful feel as her native shampoo.” – Adriana

“I am obsessed with every scent you have and your shampoo and conditioner have helped relieve all of my scalp issues post partum” – Caitey

“This is my favorite shampoo ever. I was using another shampoo for a while and it did nothing for my hair but make it feel flat and tired whereas your shampoo makes my hair just feel so healthy and happy. Thank you!” – Faith



Additional information


Apply to wet hair primarily at the scalp, lather and rinse. Rinsing the shampoo from your hair will adequately cleanse the "ponytail" section and ends. Follow with conditioner, mask and/or vinegar rinse as needed. When drying your hair, press into a towel instead of rubbing or wringing and avoid brushing until your hair is dry to minimize stretching and prevent breakage.


Gratitude-infused organic jasmine infusion (coconut), wildcrafted and organic herb infusion (moisture/nourish), sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, sodium cocoyl isthionate, glyceryl cocoate, vitamin B5 panthenol, quinoa hydrolyzed protein, glycol stearate, organic jojoba oil (moisture/nourish), tiare gardenia-infused coconut oil (coconut), hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate + hydrogenated olive oil unsaponifiables, guar gum (moisture), methyl glucose caprate/caprylate/oleate (vegetable derived thickener), glucolactone and sodium benzoate (ECOcert approved paraben free preservative), essential oils, (phthalate-free fragrance in the nag champa type only), love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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