sweet baby set


This set includes five nourishing essentials for babies + parents at a welcome savings!

baby herbs all-over wash to cleanse body and hair with soft, herbally-infused suds.*

baby powder to absorb moisture, soothe irritation, and prevent chafing.

baby oil for gentle massage and nourishing moisture.*

bum balm to soothe and protect delicate skin from irritation, chafing, rashes, and dryness.

nipple balm to help make feeding an easier experience for new parents.

*all-over wash, baby powder, and baby oil are available with a light cape chamomile + lavender scent, or without essential oils. Unscented options are recommended for babies under three months + for those with skin or scent sensitivities. Choose your preference below!



My daughter, Terra, recently welcomed baby Ayla into the world! To celebrate Terra becoming a mother and the birth of my first grandchild, I crafted a small range of products designed for mom and baby: Baby Oil, Baby Powder, Nipple Balm, Bum Balm, and Baby Wash.

Each offering is made with thoughtfully selected, ultra-gentle, babe-safe ingredients. This is the baby-care toolkit I wish I’d had when I first became a mother and I’m honored to share it with my daughter — and with you!

Find the complete range here.


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cape chamomile + lavender, without essential oils


See individual product pages for ingredient lists.

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