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We’re so happy to announce the balm’s new eco-friendly + compostable container and three times more product per container… we hope you like it!  You’ll need to be a bit more careful in high temperatures, but we think reducing plastic consumption is worth the extra effort:)

Uber-moisturizing and travel-friendly, our newest multi-purpose lipbalm, hand balm, hair balm, anywhere balm is sublimely perfect in its simplicity. It glides on effortlessly with a nurturing feel + the Goldilock’s “just right” consistency for your lips, cuticles, dry skin, and even as a hair wax for styling!

While we leave it unscented, it retains the yummy cocoa-nutty-sweet aroma of extra virgin coconut, cupuacu, shea and cocoa butters.


While you’re likely familiar with most of the ingredients in this balm, there’s one that might be new to you. It’s cupuacu butter and one of my all-time favorites for its amazing properties and sweet, nutty, almost caramel-like aroma… I just cant get enough of this gorgeous butter!

Theobroma grandiflorum is a tree from the tropical areas of Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. (It’s actually the national fruit of Brazil.)  Each tree produces about 20-30 very heavy fruits containing 30-50 seeds surrounded by a creamy yellowish pulp with a strong and pleasant aroma. This pulp provides the high fat cupuacu butter and contains some of the most powerful, antioxidants. It surpasses beloved hydrating butters such as shea butter with its unmatched ability to retain moisture. In addition to repairing your skin’s moisture barrier, cupuacu butter will also improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin and keep your skin looking and feeling smoother. Due to its low melting point, this special butter absorbs quickly into your skin without a greasy or heavy feel.

And in case you’re now looking for more products that contain this lovely butter, see our recommendations below.







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Apply to lips and cuticles, as a hair wax, and as a general skin moisturizer. It's the perfect to-go moisturizer!


Gratitude-infused organic shea, cocoa + cupuacu butters, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic apricot kernel oil, organic sustainable palm kernel oil, mixed tocopherols (non-gmo vitamin e), love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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