vitamin + protein nutrient hair mist


This ultra-light conditioning mist helps protect your hair from the daily stresses of brushing, styling, dry air, heat, and sun exposure, and the resulting dryness, breakage and split ends that can happen. It’s also perfect for easing  tangles, smoothing static and fly-aways, and refreshing your hair between washings.

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, perfect for days in the sun.

Aloe keeps your moisture level balanced and soothes dry and sensitive scalps.

DL-panthenol is called the “the beauty vitamin” for good reason… read more below.

Oat and baobab proteins protect, strengthen, and smooth the hair cuticle and act as amazing humectants to deeply hydrate and smooth your hair cuticle for less breakage and splitting.

And we think you’ll enjoy our blend of citrus and light  peppermint essential oils, a fresh and uplifting aroma that complements your favorite shampoo and conditioner!


Get to know one of the superstar vitamins in your hair mist!

Panthenol is a derivative of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), known as a ‘provitamin.’ It’s a highly effective humectant, meaning it promotes moisture retention. Hydrogen bonding between humectants and water allows for this action by minimizing water loss due to evaporation.This ability to penetrate the cuticle into the hair shaft, holding in water, also provides volume to the hair. In addition to being a wonderful humectant, it’s also a great moisturizer and emollient, spreading evenly over the surface of your hair and forming a smooth film on the surface of the cuticle. This film offers enhanced coherence to the reflection of light from the surface of the hair, giving your hair a lovely gloss and shine. The smooth film also provides excellent slip between adjacent strands of hair so it helps your hair tangles less.  Although there’s a common rumor floating around that panthenol creates a waxy buildup on hair, there’s no evidence to support this. Panthenol is dissimilar in structure to any type of wax as it’s extremely water soluble. In addition, panthenol has no component to its chemical structure that would cause it to bind tightly to the surface of a hair strand, so it should easily be removed from your hair by rinsing, washing with mild shampoo, or even co-cleansing with conditioner.

What’s even more special about panthenol is its absorption by the skin. As the precursor of vitamin B5, it directly impacts metabolic processes in epidermal cells which can have many benefits for your scalp, including increased hydration, improved skin elasticity, and the potential for cell regeneration and hair growth. Now, don’t you just want to get this in your hair? (Btw, panthenol is a star ingredient in all of our shampoos, conditioners, all-over wash, and lotion.)


Additional information


Lightly mist your hair and scalp daily or as often as needed to condition and protect, especially before styling, applying heat or strong sun exposure. May be used on wet or dry hair.


Gratitude organic infusion: horsetail, nettle, green tea, yerba mate, lemongrass, rosehips, spearmint, tumeric, hibiscus, licorice root, peppermint + chamomile, vegetable glycerin, Gratitude- infused organic aloe vera, oat + baobab hydrolyzed proteins, panthenol, behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, propandiol, honeyquat, glucolactone + sodium benzoate (ECOcert), essential oils, love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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